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12d11n japan itinerary

12D11N Japan Itinerary

Hi all,

My friend and I (2 ladies, non-Japanese-speakers) are arriving in Tokyo on 1 May 11 am and departing 12 May 12 pm, would like to check if the following itinerary outline will work out.

We are taking into account the travelling time as well and are considering to get the JR Pass. We realize we will be arriving in the midst of the Golden Week, so would it be better if we traveled out of Tokyo upon arrival?

Tokyo > Hiroshima (2 days)

Hiroshima > Osaka (2 days)

Osaka > Hokkaido (3 days)

Hokkaido > Tokyo (4 days)

On the side, I am also keen to head over to Toyama Bay which seems a little out of the way on the map, and also the Ninja Mansion in Iga. Would we be able to get there using just the JR Pass? or would we have to purchase other tickets to get there?

Would like to check if in general such an itinerary will work out or is it too ambitious taking into account we are arriving in the midst of the Golden Week?

Any help will be much appreciated! And apologies if I'm not being very detailed in my question as we haven't gone into the details of where exactly we want to go.


Hi there,

I see that you'll be visiting all over Japan. Although it is possible I would recommend using a domestic flight at least once since travel to Hokkaido takes a very long time by train. The trip from Osaka - Sapporo takes 790 Minutes by train, which is a whopping 13 hours and 10 minutes. By using a plan at least for this part you could cut out a good a mount of travel, then you could use trains for travel down to Tokyo perhaps with a stop or two on the way to split up travel time.

Travel during Golden Week can indeed be rather busy and I would recommend reserving train tickets the moment that you are in Japan, this way you are sure of seating together and can travel at times that suit you the best.

You can use the JR to travel to Iga and the Ninja Mansion, you can find more information on how to travel around the area HERE.

Hope this helps!

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