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12 days/11 nights osaka - kyoto - hakone - tokyo

12 days/11 nights Osaka - Kyoto - Hakone - Tokyo

I am visiting Japan for the first time from March 31 to 11 April 2016. I've read so much of the rail pass in Japan. The more I read, the more I get confused. Let me share my confirmed itinerary.

Osaka - 31 March to 2 April (3 nights) [I want to get the Osaka Amazing Pass]
Kyoto - 3 to 4 April (2 nights) [I want to get the Kyoto Pass]
Hakone - 5 to 6 April (2 nights) [I want to get the Hakone Free Pass]
Tokyo - 7 to 10 April (4 nights) [I'm not sure what pass to get in Tokyo]

I knew I cannot use the JR pass while in Osaka-Kyoto area coz it is a different company. So is the JR pass really worth it for my travels?

By the way, I have an open jaw ticket. Will be flying in to Osaka and flying out from Tokyo. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)



Hi Elli,

A JR Pass is best used for travel on longer distances, especially if you want to travel with the high speed bullet trains. For you this is a one way Osaka/Kyoto - Tokyo and this would not be enough for the JR Pass to help you make savings. So my advise would be to simply buy normal tickets for the places where you will not be using a local pass.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-San,

Thank you so much for ur reply. Appreciated it a lot.

Elli :)


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