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12 days combine passes/

12 days combine passes/

Hi, would like to get some advice on passes.
Our family loves rail travel and planned the following route

Day: Arrival in Kansai mrg. Head for Kyoto.
Stay Kyoto 2 nights

Day 3: Head for Kanazawa with stops ay Fukui

Stay at Kanazawa/Takayama area for two nights, including trip to Shirakawa

Day 5: Head for Aomori with stops at Akita

Day 6 n 7: Hakodate

Day 8: Hakodate to Tokyo on night train

Day 10-12 Tokyo

May i know if this of passes can help us?

1) Horiku pass + 7day Jr
2) Kansai for two days pass plus 7 day Jr + 3 day Tokyo kippu. Not sure if that helps us get to Narita

Any other itinerary advice would be great.


Hi there,

You could either go for the hokuriku package and a 7 day JR Pass or a 14 day JR Pass. The 14 day JRPass option would cost a bit more but at the same time give more flexibility

The JR Pass especially will offer great value for travel to Aomori and Akita. The Shinkansen here are the fastest in Japan and well worth riding!

Also be sure to plan your trip Hakodate - Tokyo back. Night trains are always hard to book and may be sold out days in advance. Also please note that the JR Pass only covers the basic fare between Hakodate - Tokyo. It would be a lot more economic to travel by day and use the Shinkansen.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, thanks for your input.

Just to clarify, within,the cities that I'm exploring, eg Kyoto, I understand that pass may not be valid? Does Hororiku and Kansai pass 'overcome" that issue?

Also, along the coast of sea of Japan,
1) apart from akita, amori, any other worthwhile stops?
2) scenic trains to take? Resort Shirakami? Any others?
Hakodate has a Christmas train. R these covered by JR?
3) toying with possibility of twilight express, but heard its hard to book, comments?

If I take a day train from Hakodate down to Tokyo, any worthwhile stops to make?

And last but nit least. 14day pass offers what kind of flexibility that the Hokuriku, 7 day,JR combo



Hi again.

No the Hokuriku pass does not cover travel in kyoto or to Osaka.

1.) Certainly! Some great stops you could include are Sendai, Matsushima, Yamadera, Hachinohe and Hirosaki. These are also valid for the way back Hakodate - Tokyo.

2.) The ride to Hakonedate is very beautiful. You could also take the train up further north, this is also a very nice track. I am not sure about the Christmas train but generally all lines in Hokkaido are covered, including special trains.

3.) To be honest I would skip it and avoid a lot of stress. It's a great experience but can only be booked in Japan and is so popular that is sells out on the first day that tickets are available. It's seen as a very special and romantic thing to do in Japan.

Mainly Shinkansen travel. The Hokuriku pass is only valid on one specific route. The JR Pass gives you to freedom to take any train, including the Shinkansen. The downside of the JR Pass is that the bus to Shirakawago is not included.

Hope this helps,

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