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12 day osaka-kyoto-miyajima-tokyo

12 day Osaka-Kyoto-Miyajima-Tokyo


We are heading to Japan for the first time in June, arriving Kansai airport and departing from Haneda airport.

Day 1 - Arriving Kansai airport in the afternoon and stay in Osaka
Day 2 - Osaka - Himeji - Osaka (might stop at Kobe for lunch)
Day 3 - Osaka - Kyoto
Day 4,5,6 Kyoto including a day trip to Nara
Day 7 Kyoto - Hiroshima - Miyajima
Day 8 Miyajima - Tokyo
Day 9,10,11,12 Tokyo including a day trip to Hakone if weather's good. Departing from Haneda airport in the evening

So I got a few questions...

Does this itinerary give a good amount of time for each city so we won't be too rushed?

Is it worth getting a 7 day JR pass and when should we activate it? And which part of the trip won't be covered by the pass?

Also which trips would you recommend reserving seats and how many days in advance do we need to do that?

Thanks a lot!!!!


Hi there,

I would advise using a 7 day JR Pas from day 2 to day 8, this way you can cover all travel in this period and make outstanding savings using the JR Pass. You can get on the Shinkansen right away on day 2 for travel to Himeji. Unless you travel on national holidays, its fine to reserve the seats on the day of travel.

The JR Pass also covers the ferry to Miyajima and Hiroshima sightseeing bus.

Hope this helps,

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