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11 days trip in japan

11 days trip in Japan

From 8-th of October

  1. 8-th - From Narita to Tokyo and direct to hotel near Nagoya or after walk in Tokyo.
  2. 9-th - in the morning goes to Takayama to see fest and back to Nagoya and to Kyoto.
  3. 10-11-th - Kyoto, Nara and something more
  4. 12-th - To Hiroshima via Himeji + Miyajima. Night in Hiroshima.
  5. 13-th - To Nagasaki and trip to Hashima + back to Hiroshima
  6. 14-th - Goes to Mstsumoto
  7. 15-tn - Matsumoto rest
  8. 16-th - To Nikko and maybe something around and by the way. But what?
  9. 17-th - To Tokyo (maybe something like Fuji)
  10. 18-th - Tokyo (maybe something like Fuji).
  11. 19-th - Back to the airport.

Is such trip real and what's better - 1 week or 2 weeks pass?



i'm going there for 11 days as well from 21 Sep. I bought 7 days. On the 7th day of the pass i'll go to Nikko in early morning and leave to Tokyo in evening. In Tokyo i will buy bus pass or underground pass and buy coach to Narita airport (3000 JPY).

What do u think? u don't have to waste 3 days pass.

But i haven't check pass in Tokyo yet.

I'll come back to you after the trip.


I think that it's possible to go from Matsumoto at 15-th and has 7 days pass final day on 15-th.

That I'll have only 3000 to airport + 3000 for way from Nikko to Tokyo.

In case of difference between 7 and 14 days I'll have profit in a 11000 yen for person.

And how much will cost day`trip to Fuji? I see price about 4000 yen for train one way.


Hi Anthony,

I think that looking at your itinerary, you may be trying to fit a little too much in. In general it's best to use the rail pass in a 'move then sleep' sort of pattern. How about the following, that aims for a 7 day pass followed by individual ticket purchases:

  1. 8th - From Narita to Tokyo and direct to hotel near Nagoya.
  2. 9th - in the morning goes to Takayama to see fest. Stay in Takayama.
  3. 10-11th - Kyoto, Nara.
  4. 12th - Hiroshima/Miyajima. Stay in Fukuoka.
  5. 13th - Nagasaki and trip to Hashima. Stay in Nagasaki.
  6. 14th - Matsumoto
  7. 15tn - Matsumoto
  8. 16th - Tokyo (¥7000)
  9. 17th - Tokyo/Fuji (¥3000)
  10. 18th - Tokyo/Nikko (¥6000)
  11. 19th - Back to the airport. (¥3000)

I took Himeji out of the plan as it's currently under renovation and is a bit of a building site!

The price of tickest from Matsumoto onwards means that it's not really worth buying a 14 day pass (total ticket prices to the end of your trip are about ¥19,000). You would make savings in the first 7 days with a rail pass however.

Hope this helps!

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