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11 days itinerary from osaka

11 days itinerary from Osaka

Hi there,

I would very much appreciate a little help with my itinerary. I am going to Japan in September. I will be arriving in Osaka in the afternoon and would like to spend half a day exploring Osaka and then have 11 days to see following:

  • Koyasan (stay a night at a temple)
  • Hiroshima (probably one day)
  • Kyoto (2 days)
  • Hida Takayama (take Limited Express (Wide View) Hida train, 1 day)
  • Tokyo (2-3 days)
  • Kamakura (1 day)

The flight back is from Osaka the 11th day late night.

Could you suggest a good itinerary please?

Also what pass would be the best?

Thank you very much for your help, greatly appreciated!




Just wanted to clarify my question - what I wanted was an advice on what would be the best route to make the most of our trip.

Thanks again!



Hi Thomas,

The route as you've written above is how I would travel as well. Hiroshima is to the south, so it makes sense to visit it from Osaka, then Kyoto as it is on the way up north. Takayama is reached via Nagoya which is on the way from Kyoto - Tokyo, so it makes sense to visit it in between.

As for the JR Pass either the 7 or 14 day JR Pass would help you make savings. The best option would be to use a 7 day JR Pass and use it for travel from Osaka - Hiroshima - Kyoto - Takayama and be Tokyo on the day that it expires. Even with the 14 day JR Pass you would make good savings and the 14 day JR Pass would be a good option if you want some extra flexibility.

Does that help?

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for that. I have actually purchased flights that will allow us to stay two days longer than we initially planned to make sure we will have enough time to see everything we want.

I will finalize the itinerary closer to the departure date and might have more questions later. Thank you very much for now!




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