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11 days in japan

11 days in Japan


Can someone help me, i arrive in Japan with my husband on 14th May 2015 to Osaka Airport and leave on the 26th May 2015. we are in our late 20's, please can you recommend place to stay and possible suggestion of what to see station names that i need to remember etc.
I am thinking of buying the JP rail pass for 7 days when would the best time to active it ?

It is my first time in Japan and i am unsure how to start my itinerary, do I do day trips or keep moving from each area, Please can you advise

day 1 14/05 - Arrive in Osaka at 18:35pm
Day 2 Osaka (osaka Castle)
Day 3 Nara
Day 4 Koyasan (maybe an overnight stay)
Day 5 Hiroshima -Peace Park Miyajima Island
Day 6 Kyoto
Day 7 Kyoto
Day 8 Hakone & Mt Fuji (would you recommend to stay overnight)
Day 9 Toyko
Day10 Toyko

What to see culture of japan and the high tech modern japan.



Hello there,

I would recommend activating the JR Pass on day 3 or on day 4 if you want to use it on day 10 in Tokyo, for a day trip or to travel to the Airport. The JR Pass will provide you with a good discount over normal ticket, especially travel to Hiroshima and Tokyo is expansive and the JR Pass will cover all of this.

For places to visit, I would recommend adding in a visit to Akihabara in Tokyo and Den Den town in Osaka. Both are centers of modern Japan.

For travel to Hakone, take the Shinkansen to Odawara station. This is the Shinkansen station for the area and local transport runs from there.

Hope this help,

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