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10days itinerary on nov2016 (tokyo > osaka > kyoto > tokyo)

10days itinerary on Nov2016 (Tokyo > Osaka > Kyoto > Tokyo)

Hi, I'll be going to Japan in beginning Nov2016 and would appreciate if you could assist to review the following planned itinerary. At the same time, I've also purchased the 7 days Japan Rail Pass and wish to fully utilize it with the following plan/routes:

Day 1 (Sat) - Haneda Airport, Tokyo (arrive at night 1030PM and will overnight at airport)
Day 2 (Sun) - Osaka (plan to leave earlier from Tokyo airport to Osaka, maybe depart at 6-7am)
Day 3 (Mon) - Osaka
Day 4 (Tue) - Kyoto (will take transport that covered by JR pass from Osaka to Kyoto in the morning, is it possible?)
Day 5 (Wed) - Kyoto
Day 6 (Thu)- Kyoto
Day 7 (Fri) - Tokyo (will take transport that covered by JR pass from Kyoto to Tokyo in the morning, is it possible?)
Day 8 (Sat) - Tokyo (day trip to Hakone)
Day 9 (Sun) - Tokyo
Day 10 (Mon) - Tokyo (leaving tokyo at night 1030PM)

I would need for the itinerary above be covered by the JR Pass, including the Hakone area, truly appreciate your advise :)

Thanks in advance! :)


Hi there,

The JR Pass will give you great savings here and I recommend using it from day 2-day 8.

Travel to Osaka, Kyoto and back to Tokyo is all included and no additional tickets are required. Trains start service around 6 am, so you can leave as early as you want.

For travel to Hakone, travel on the Shinkansen Tokyo and Odawara is included. Odawara is the bullet train station for Hakone, from there however local (non-JR) transport is required to explore the area.

Hope this helps,

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Great, many thanks for your info, appreciate ;)


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