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10d 9n in kyoto, osaka and tokyo using jr pass

10D 9N in kyoto, osaka and tokyo using jr pass

dear danielle san,

my friends and will be travelling to japan on 24 November, arriving at Chubu Centrair International Airport around 5pm. Please advice on the planned itinerary and if the use of JR pass is ideal: plan to spend 3 days Tokyo and 5 days at Osaka and Kyoto and 1 day at nagoya.

day 1(24/11) (stay in kyoto)
from KL-nagoya
-nagoya -kyoto -what train should i take?is there any shinkasen from nagoya to kyoto?how long the does it take usually?

day 2(25/11) (stay in kyoto)

day 3(26/11) (stay in osaka)
-kyoto/osaka - Jr pass activated

day 4(27/11) (stay in osaka)

day 5 (28/11) (stay in osaka)
-hiroshima/miyajima -how to go to hiroshima/miyajima from osaka?

day 6 (29/11) (stay in tokyo)
-osaka-tokyo -what train should i take from osaka to tokyo?is there any shinkasen from osaka to tokyo?how long the does it take usually?my hotel is near minami-senju station,taito-ku.

day 7 (30/11) (stay in tokyo)
-nikko -tokyo to nikko, how?

day 8(1/12) (stay in tokyo)
-kamakura -tokyo to kamakura, how?

day 9 (2/11)(stay in nagoya)
-hakone -hakone to nagoya. planning to book hotel around the nagoya station do we get there from hakone?

day 10 (3/11)
-my plane depart at 9.25 am.can you please advice how to go to nagoya chubu airport quickly. -nagoya-KL

because this is our first trip to japan, we both are quite nervous .hope you can help us.thank you for your advice


Hi Chika!

You will be able to make some amazing savings with the JR Pass, I can that you plan to travel around a lot and the JR Pass covers nearly all of your train travel.

For travel from Nagoya - Kyoto, you can use the Shinkansen for direct travel between Nagoya station - Kyoto station. The route takes ¥ 5,800 / 36 Minutes.

From Osaka - Hiroshima, travel to Shin-Osaka station from where you can directly use the Shinkansen to Hiroshima station. For Miyajima take a local train for Hiroshima to Miyajima-guchi, you can use the ferry from there.

From Osaka - Tokyo, travel to Shin-Osaka, from there you can take a direct shinkansen to Tokyo station. The trip takes about 3 hours.

For travel from Tokyo - Nikko, I'd recommend going to Tokyo station than ask the staff for tickets to Nikko. They will find the best route for you. This because the route and trains traveled on are different depending on the time.

For Hakone - Nagoya, travel from any station in the Hakone region to Odawara station, from there you can use the Shinkansen directly to Nagoya.

I see that most of your questions are about routes and how to travel on them. I would recommend reading our Blog Post on how to plan with Hyperdia this way you can look up route information yourself, which is especially helpful if plans change and you want to look up a certain route.

Hope this helps!

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thank you so much for your reply and helpfull advice.i never knew about hyperdia before. definately will check it later.may i ask one more question.can i use jr pass on the ferry fare at miyajima-guchi?


Hi again,

The Ferry is covered by the JR Pass. The fare without the JR Pass is 170yen/one way.

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