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10 days tour from amsterdam

10 days tour from Amsterdam

A family of three including a teenage son would be visiting Japan during Christmas and New year. I would be purchasing a 7 day Pass. Please check the itinerary and see if this is achievable. Also suggest if any changes are required.
Do you also feel that I should buy a first class train pass or an regular one will suffice - especially during the holiday season.

Day 01 25-Dec-13 Tokyo in from AMS Tokyo Sightseeing
Day 02 26-Dec-13 Tokyo Tokyo Sightseeing
Day 03 27-Dec-13 Tokyo Tokyo Sightseeing
Day 04 28-Dec-13 Tokyo Day Trip to Nikko and if possible to Kamakura or Yokohama(or suggest us some other important place)
Day 05 29-Dec-13 Kyoto Day Trip to Mt. Fuji and later stay at Kyoto
Day 06 30-Dec-13 Osaka Kyoto and Osaka Sightseeing
Day 07 31-Dec-13 Osaka/Kyoto Goto Hakata. visit Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine when we are in Hakata
Day 08 1-Jan-14 Kyushu (Beppu) Hakata sighseeing and move to Beppu
Day 09 2-Jan-14 Hiroshima full day sightseeing in Miyajima
Day 10 3-Jan-14 overnight by train Travel out to Amsterdam



Hi there!

Looks like a great plan to spend the new year! You will also be making the great use of the JR Pass by traveling all the way south to Hakata (Dazaifu is great!) and Beppu! Will you be flying out by FUK - AMS route newly opened by KLM?

New year is a very busy travel time but I think that you don't have to worry too much about it if you reserve your train tickets 2-3 days in advance. I think that you will be you would not need a Green Pass but the extra luxury is nice.

Lastly, I guess that on day 10 you will return by plane to Amsterdam and not by rail? I know JR is pretty amazing but I did not hear of any Shinkansen connecting to Amsterdam.

I hope this helps!

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