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10 days in tokyo and kyoto - jrpass + suica & n'ex?

10 days in Tokyo and Kyoto - JRpass + Suica & N'EX?

I am travelling to Japan in April and will be there for 12 days. I am planing to spend most of my time between Tokyo and Kyoto. I have a rough itinerary below. My question is: Given I am visiting for 12 days (i.e. between 7 and 14 days) would it be best to get both a 7 day JRpass and a Suica+N'EX pass to cover travel from the airport to Tokyo, travel around Tokyo itself and travel to the south west? Or is there perhaps another option I am unaware of?

Tues 3rd - Arrive in Tokyo (Narita Airport).
Wed 4th - Travel to Kyoto
Thurs 5th - Kyoto
Fri 6th - Kyoto
Sat 7th - Kyoto
Sun 8th - Osaka
Mon 9th - Hiroshima
Tues 10th - Tokyo
Wed 11th - Tokyo
Thurs 12th - Tokyo
Fri 13th - Tokyo
Sat 14th - Depart Tokyo (Narita Airport).

Many thanks for your time! ^_^


Hi there!

I've not tried it, but when you get to Narita you could check to see if you can purchase a single NEX/Suica package for your trip back to Narita from Tokyo on the 14th. If you can do this then you can use your Rail Pass from day 1 for the trip up to day 10 when you will arrive back in Tokyo.

If that is not possible, then your plans to use the NEX/Suica combo on arrival and then your Japan Rail Pass from the 4th to the 11th sounds totally correct.

You will certainly make savings either way, but may be able to squeeze a little more savings when you arrive in Japan.

Hope this helps!

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