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10 days in kyushu island using jr pass

10 days in Kyushu island using JR Pass

need some inputs from experts to see if i am too ambitious or should i spend more time in a certain place?
thank you in advance

day 1: 20 mar: arrive in Fukuoka in morning
stopover at nagasaki and explore Nagasaki museums

day 2: vsit Unzen in Shimabara
take ferry to Kumamoto Port and overnight in Kumamoto,
maybe at kurosawa and visit their Onsen?

day 3:Kumanoto castle and Mt Aso.
take late train head down to Kagoshima
night in kagoshima
day 4:go to Kakushima island by ferry
maybe at night there

day 5:Ibusuki, sand baths
stay in Ibusuki

day 6: visit Sukurajima and kirishima
sary in kagoshima

day 7:head back North and go Beppu/Yufini
overnight there
day 8:back to Fukuoka

day 9: in Fukuoka

day 10: Fukuoka

day 11: head home for 10am flight


Hi there!

Kyushu is absolutely great! I think your itinerary looks doable as well. The only point where I have come concerns regarding to time is on day 2 if you'd add Kurokawa onsen. It is actually quite a ride from Kumamoto and it may end up taking too much time, unless you maybe stay the night.

Except for that I think it all looks good. If you are looking for an additional stop consider Miyazaki. Which is also quite charming, especially Aoshima.

Have a great trip!

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is 1 night in Nagasaki enough?

I will probably be staying 1 night in Kurosawa onsen area, if it is worth doing that.

maybe i will cut off 1 day in Fukuoka. and spend more time in my current suggestions
or visit Miyazaki as you have suggested.

what do you think ?

is there lots to see and do in Fukuoka ?

thank you


Hi Again,

One night for Nagasaki, is indeed a little short. I would stay a day longer if you can, to really get the most out of your visit. Of course it depends on what you really wish to see and do :)

Fukuoka is great, I actually used to live there and there's lots to do and see. Dazaifu for instance is a very nice place to visit.

I do think it would be worth the time, if you stay the night at Kurokawa onsen but it would be too short for just a day trip.

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in my last 2-3 days in Fukuoka, I wish to maximise my JR Kyushu pass.
besides going to Beppu and Yufuin, where else can I go ?
any suggestions?
thank you


Something else you could consider is a visit to either Aso-san the volcano in central Kyushu which makes for an interesting day trip, additionally you could visit Kumamoto. Kumamoto castle and downtown are great to visit.

Hope this helps!

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