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10 days in japan and using jr pass

10 days in Japan and using JR pass


I will be going to Japan again in May 2016. My itinerary will be as follows (not yet fix. still planning) I'm planning to buy 7 days JR pass and start using it from day 1. Please advise if there is any other cheaper way I can plan this trip.

Day 1 - Arrive Tokyo Narita Airport. Activate JR pass. Go to Hitachi Seaside park.
Day 2 - From Tokyo go to Hiroshima
Day 3 - From Hiroshima go to Kyoto
Day 4 - Arashiyama & Nara
Day 5 - From Kyoto go to Kawaguchiko
Day 6 - From Kawaguchiko go to Matsumoto
Day 7 - Kamikochi
Day 8 - Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. Start from Matsumoto, Finish at Toyama
Day 9 - From Toyama, take the night bus to Tokyo (since this is the cheapest way because can no longer use JR pass)
Day 10 - Arrive at Tokyo early morning. Fly back home at night.


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Traveling to Hiroshima is by far the most expansive route! Using a Japan Rail Pass here will get you by far the best possible savings and there's no pass ticket that comes even close to the value for money you get here using a Japan Rail Pass.

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