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10 days in japan

10 Days in Japan

Hello there. I need some help with using the JR Pass during my trip in July. I have a rough itinerary and hoping if you could help out please.

Is it worth purchasing the JR pass for & days?

Arrive at Narita Airport and go to Asakusa. Explore and stay the night there.

Visit Edo Tokyo Museum. ( Is there any place where we can store our luggage's while visiting the museum? )
Go to Tokyo and Ginza. Visit the place and stay some where close to the Tsukiji Market.

Early morning visit to the Fish Market.
Visit Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku. Stay at Shinjuku ( Is it possible to visit all 3 places in a day?)

From Shinjuku leave to Kawaguchiko for Mt Fuji. ( What is the best way to reach there? We want to leave our luggages in a station. After that we want to go to Hakone. So which Station should we leave from to be able to continue our journey after climbing Mt Fuji. Should we go via Gotemba? Is the JR Pass covered for this journey?

Staying at Mt Fuji. Is it better to climb at night to save money and see the sunrise? Are the prices of the huts vary much differences?

Decent from Mt Fuji and continue to Hakone.( What is the best way to reach Hakone?)
Explore Hakone and Osen. Stay overnight.

Hakone leave to Hiroshima. ( What is the best way to reach?)
Visit Hiroshima and stay. If time permits visit Miyajami Island. ( Do you think we will have enough time to do both places in one day? )

If time doesn't permit we will visit the Island today and then leave to Nagoya. ( What is the best way to reach?)
Stay and explore Nagoya.

Watch Sumo. ( Must we purchase the tickets online? I think they get sold out very fast. Where can we purchase it from a trustworthy agent?)

Leave from Nagoya Airport.

Besides all the other questions, is this a good plan? and can we use the JR Pass to travel to all these places? Can the JR Pass be used on all the lines such as Asakusa Line, Shinjuku Line, Oedo Line, Fukutoshin Line, Private Line or the Toei Streetcar Arakawa Line? Im confused because looking at the Tokyo Subway Route Map, there is also JR Line. Does it mean I can only use that line with the JR Pass?

I also read that by activating the JR Pass at the airport, we get a free ride with the NEX to Tokyo? Is that true? What if I just want to go to Asakusa? is that possible?

I am sorry for the mountains of questions. I really need some help and really aprrecite your help.

Thank you so much.

Delly Cz
Delly Cz

Hello there,

To start with the JR Pass, you can make very good savings by using it from Tokyo - Hiroshima - Nagoya, if you cover that part with the 7 day JR Pass.

Starting at Tokyo, there are coin lockers at every station and most museums have them as well. You could store your luggage in any of them for the time you plan to go sightseeing. Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku are all very close and can be easily visited in one day.

Now Fuji, this is where it becomes somewhat complicated. It especially travel from Kawaguchiko - Hakone is not that simple and most of the local transport around Fuji is not covered by the JR Pass. Going to Kawaguchiko, take a local service from Tokyo to Otsuki station. Transfer here to the Fujikyu line to Kawaguchiko. The Fujikyu line is not covered by the JR Pass can requires a 1,140yen fare. Here's how to travel from Kawaguchiko - Hakone by bus. The alternative is to take the Fujikyu line back to Otsuki and use the JR Pass to Tokyo station and take a bullet train from there to Odawara station. From Odawara local transport goes into the Hakone. Please see this link for all the information about climbing Fuji.

On to Hiroshima, to get there return to Odawara station. From here you can use the bullet train to Hiroshima. You should have enough time to visit Miyajima as well. From Hiroshima, you can easily use the bullet trains again to travel to Nagoya.

Sumo tickets can be purchased directly via the official Sumo website.

In general, the JR Pass is valid for all JR Lines nationwide. Private lines such as the metro, Asakusa Line, Shinjuku Line, Oedo Line, Fukutoshin Line etc are not included. The NEX is covered by the JR Pass.

Your plan makes for a good start but you have to review the Fuji part, there's a lot of travel involved there with different companies. Also visiting Hiroshima is quite a trip but worth making if you wish to see Hiroshima. You also get to experience different bullet trains this way.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. I would like to know what are other interesting places I should visit after Mt Fuji. Is Takayama worth visiting? It is out of the way. I'd like to know which places is worth visiting on our way to Hiroshima.

Also another question. We are looking for places to take wedding pictures using the local costumes. Any suggestion on which location we should do this?

Thank you.

Delly Cz
Delly Cz

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