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10 days in japan

10 days in Japan

Hi fellows,

I'm travelling to Japan February 2017 for 10 days. The point is I can't not match my itinerary with the JRP validation and I need your help to re-arrange my timeline!!!

DAY 1. Arrived at Tokyo around 11 AM. Stay for 1 nights
DAY 2. Heading to Kyoto. Stay for 2 nights
DAY 4. Move to Osaka for 2 nights
DAY 6. Nara for 1 night
DAY 7. Takayama for 1 night
DAY 8. Hakone for Mt Fuji photo and hot spring ^
DAY 9. Back to Tokyo for 2 nights

Following what I read on the internet so PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG. I will have to active the JRP when I arrvied to Narita Airport to be able to use it. So here is my calculation:
- The JRP covers: + "Narita to Tokyo" using JR Sobu/Narita Line Rapid to CHIBA then Jr Sobu Line Rapid to TOKYO ==> $11 + "Tokyo to Kyoto" using the Shinkansen Hikari 501 (leaves at 6:26 AM) ==> $138 + "Kyoto to Osaka" ==> $5 + "Kyoto to Nara" ==> $7 + "Nara" to "Takayama" ==> $109 That's all because the JRP expired at the 7th day. The JRP price is $300 and it covers around $350. Then I will have to buy single ticket from Takayama to Hakone and Tokyo ($250 for those routes). Since I travel around Japan, is it needed to buy Kanto area Pass ($83) and Kansai thru Pass ($40). Quite expensive T_T


Hi there,

You don't have to start using the JR Pass right away when you arrive and can start it at any day of your chosing. The get the best use out of the JR Pass, I would use it from day 2-8 in order to get the best savings possible. From there you would not need any local pass and can just use local trains, which are much cheaper.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much for your information. Should I use Kanto area pass or Kansai thru pass. Do they help much with train or public transportation within Kyoto, Osaka or Nara?


Hi again,

Travel around Kansai is pretty cheap and generally you will be better of buying normal tickets than getting some sort of Kansai Pass.

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