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1 month in tokyo using jr kanto and jr rail pass

1 month in tokyo using JR Kanto and JR Rail Pass

Hi..i will be in tokyo from 12th March till 13th April 2015.
My apartment will be at Hino city, tokyo. I will travel to n fro to narita airport. And i will travel to hokkaido, kyoto, osaka, kairuzawa and also gala yuzawa. And also tokyo city (shibuya, ueno, akihabara...)

My JR pass plan will be like this:
12 march till 14 march : JR Kanto (3 days)
15 march till 17 march : JR kanto (3 days)
18 march till 7 april : JR Rail pass (21 days)
9 april till 11 april : JR kanto (3 days)

For dates that i skip, i will only use ordinary jr ticket.

My question is..can i purcase JR Kanto ticket more than 1 time? I understand that for JR Rail Pass (all) only can be purcase outside japan (my home country). But how about the JR Kanto Pass? Can i purcase JR Kanto Pass inside Tokyo? (Let say JR Office at Tokyo)

Thank you


Presumably you are referring to the JR Kanto Area Pass.

Yes, you can buy more than 1 Area Pass as long as the times do not overlap for their usage, and you otherwise qualify. You can also buy it once in Japan, at the airport or in Tokyo at the travel service centers (see below).

See these sites for more info:


Thank you for ur reply .. its really help me..


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