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1 month in japan, february 2016!

1 month in Japan, February 2016!

Hi guys, I know my trip is pretty soon so I'm cutting it a bit close but could you please advise on this itinerary? Is it realistic/overly ambitious? What length of JR pass will I need? I am considering the 14 day JR pass from 2nd Feb, if not should I stick to the 7 day one? Please let me know if I could tweak anything on my itinerary. I am travelling with a partner.

Thanks in advance!

Wed 27th Jan 2016 – Arrive in Kansai Airport Osaka at 6pm
Thurs 28th Jan – Osaka
Fri 29th Jan – Osaka
Sat 30th Jan – Osaka
Sun 31st Jan – Kyoto / Arashiyima (monkey park Iwatayama)
Mon 1st Feb – Kyoto / Himeji
Tues 2nd Feb- Nara day trip
Wed 3rd Feb – Fukuoka
Thurs 4th Feb – Fukuoka
Fri Sat 5th Feb –Hiroshima
Sat 6th Feb –Miyajima
Sun 7th Feb – Okunoshima
Mon 8th Feb– Takayama
Tues 9th Feb– Kanazawa day trip
Wed 10th Feb – Shirakawago day trip
Thurs 11th Feb –-Hakone
Fri 12th Feb– Hakone → Lake Kawaguchi
Sat 13th Feb – Tokyo
Sun 14th Feb – Tokyo
Mon 15th Feb – Tokyo
Tues 16th Feb – Tokyo
Wed 17th feb – Tokyo
Thurs 18th Feb – Tokyo
Fri 19th Feb – Tokyo
Sat 20th Feb – South Korea
Sun 21st – South Korea
Mon 22 Feb – South Korea
Tues 23 Feb- South Korea
Wed 24 Feb – South Korea
Thurs 25th Feb – South Korea
Fri 26th Feb – Incheon Airport > Kansai airport > Sydney Airport > Home!


Hello there,

Looking at your itinerary I would go for a 14 day JR Pass as well but start using it at Mon 1st, since Kyoto to Himeji can cost quite a bit using the Shinkansen and this would be a great moment to start using the JR Pass. Alternatively consider switching Nara and Himeji around if you'd like to use starting on the 2nd.

Also once in Tokyo, consider making a day trip or two outside of Tokyo to make the best out of your JR Pass. For instance making a visit to Kamakura, Nikko or Yokohama can be a nice addition to your already very nice itinerary.

The rest looks good!

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Thank you Daniel-san! ^_^ I will switch around Nara and Himeji.

Do you recommend using Osaka as the 'base' for kyoto and surrounding day trips? We want to keep the hotel changing as minimal as possible.

Do you know if the JR pass covers the Fukuoka region? Also, should we make Takayama the base for day trips to Kanazawa and Shirakawa-go?

Thank you!


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