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日本 itinerary, please help

日本 itinerary, please help

Hi there,

Thank you a lot for selling me the JRPass and sending it to the Hotel Toyo in Osaka, where I will pick it up.
I have put together an itinerary and would appreciate it a lot, if you would have some feedback.
Its my first time in Japan, I am young, and would like to make full use of the 21day rail pass.

9th June -- Arrive in Osaka Kansai in the morning, visit Osaka, Stay in Backpackers Hotel Toyo
10th June -- visit Kyoto from Osaka Stay in Backpackers Hotel Toyo
11th June -- activate JRPass, visit Kyoto from Osaka Stay in Backpackers Hotel Tokyo
12th June -- visit Kyoto from Osaka Stay somewhere in Kyoto
13th June -- Daytrip to Nara, back to Osaka Stay in Backpackers Hotel Toyo
14th June -- morning visit Osaka, noon Otaue rice festival Stay in Backpackers Hotel Tokyo
15th June -- go to Mount Koya
16th June -- go to Kanzawana
17th June -- Kanzawana and go to Shirakawa- go
18th June -- Shirakawa- go, go to Takayama
19th June -- Takayama
20th June -- first go to Ise shrines, then get to Kinosaki will it be possible?
21st June -- Kinosaki, and get to Himeji
22nd June -- Himeji Yakata Matsuri parade and castle
23rd June -- early morning train to Nagasaki
24th June -- morning Nagasaki, go to Hiroshima peace park, get to Miyajima
25th June -- Miyajima and get train to Tokyo
26th June -- Tokyo
27th June -- Daytrip to mount Fuji
28th June -- Daytrip to Nikko
29th June -- Daytrip Kamakura
30th June -- Tokyo
1st July -- Tokyo, flight back on afternoon from Narita airport

Looking forward hearing from you, because it will be my first time in Japan and I don't know too much.

Thank you very much in advance,


Hi Sebastian,

Your trip looks great and someone similar to the trip I made after graduation.

Looking at your route, most of it looks good. There are a couple of long trips in there, like Ise - Kinosaki and Miyajima - Tokyo and Hiroshima - Nagasaki. I suggest looking these up on and see if you are okay with those travel times. Otherwise it may be nice to add in a stop or two on the way. There are plenty of great places to stop along the way, such as Kobe, Shizuoka and Nagoya. That said, you will be making perfect use of a JR Pass and get plenty of savings compared to normal tickets.

If you have some time, it might be fun to put your itinerary in our Fare Calculator to see how much you will be saving.

Hope this helps,

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