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yudanaka to kyoto

Yudanaka to Kyoto

Hi There,

I'm travelling Yudanaka to Kyoto as per link below:
My question is: Route 1

7:17 Yudanaka

Nagano Electric Railway

7:32 Shinshunakano => Q: will I have to get off the train from here @ Shinshunakano to catch the same train to go Nagano?
7:35 Nagano Electric Railway

8:13 Nagano

Also am unable to find Nagano Electric Railway Express before 10:11am schedule.?

Please help.



Hi Caitlin,

Yes there is a transfer at Shinshu Nakano, you transfer here from a local train to a faster limited express.

And yes the limited express leaves 7 times a day from Yudanaka, the first being at 10:11am. The next one after that leaves at 11:58. See the full time table here.

Hope this clears things up,

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Thank you Daniel,

I just hope I can pop over to the transfer train within 3 mins;(

I guess I would have to run really fast ;)

Look forward to it.



Hi Again Cait,

Don't worry too much about it, it is a normal practice in Japan, just follow the local the crowd once departing the train.

Have a great thing in Japan!

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