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yamagata shinkansen via fukushima

Yamagata Shinkansen via Fukushima

Plan to travel from Hokkaido to Kyushu from 18 Mar 16 to 7 Apr 2016. Hope to see Cherry Blossom. Is this the best period?

And few more Qs:

1: When is the best time to buy the JR Pass?
2: Also prepaid SIM? Do they send to Singapore?

3: Is there a way to bypass Fukushima while taking Yamagata Shinkansen? Any danger spot to avoid? As I understand some places in Fukushima are out of bound


Hi there,

The Cherry Blossom is generally best seen near the end of March, though it is very much dependent on the weather.
A JR Pass has to be activated within 90 days after purchase. So it is best to do so in Feb or at the start of march.

The Yamagate Shinkansen are perfectly save and there is no need to worry at all. There are hunders of trains passing trough everyday.

As for a Simcard, we don't send any out at this time. It is best to buy them directly in Japan.

Hope this helps,

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