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which pass if any for this trip

Which pass if any for this trip

Day1 Haneda domestic to Tokyo
Day 2,3,4,5,6,7. Day trips to Hakone and Kamakura
sightseeing around Tokyo and maybe Yokohama.
Day8 Tokyo to Nagano
Day 9 Nagano to Yudanaka return
Day 10 Nagano to Matsumoto.
Day 11 Matsumoto to Nakatsugawa return.
Day12 Matsumoto Kamikochi return . Maybe Bus.
Day 13-- Bus
Day 14---
Day15 Takayama to Kanazawa . Maybe Bus
Day 16----
Day 17Kanazawa to Kyoto.
Day19 Kyoto Nara return.
Day 20,21, Kyoto
Day 22 Kyoto to Osaka.
JR Pass 7,14,21 day , JR east Pass, Hakone pass Kanto Pass , Suica Trip starts May 1
Any Help Thankyou.


Hi again :)

I see that you will making a very nice trip!
You will only travel a relative small part of your trip by JR, the major travel will be between Tokyo and Nagano ¥ 7,970 and from Kanazawa to Kyoto ¥ 6,710. Seeing this, I think that the best option is to buy tickets as you go. Possibly you could make some savings by taking non-reserved seats on the trains.

For Hakone you can indeed consider a Hakone Free Pass if you plan on traveling around in the Area.

Hope this helps!

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