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which one suits the best?

Which One Suits the best?

I'm going to Japan for 10 days,
day 1 Tokyo
day 2 Mount Fuji , Kawaguchi
day 3 Kawazu, Shizuoka (Kawazu Sakura)
day 4 Karuizawa Ski (Gala Yuzawa)
day 5 Osaka (Universal Kyoto etc)

do I need to purchase JR pass? can I use JR pass to go to Mount Fuji, Gala Yuzawa and Kawazu?

because I read some tour packages to Kawazu and Gala Yuzawa are included 3 days rail pass.

is it a waste to pay for the tour if I aleady have JR pass?

or I just can buy the tour for travelling to Kawazu and Mount Fuji, then buy the shinkansen tickets when I go to Osaka n Kyoto?

thanks ! ^^


Hello there,

A 7 day JR Pass is well forth considering if you include a visit to Gala Yuzawa and Osaka. The JR Pass covers both the Shinkansen from Tokyo - Galayuzawa and to Osaka. Additionally much of your local travel is included, such as Karuizawa, local JR lines in Osaka and Osaka, travel to Universal and Kyoto and much more. All together this adds to nice savings compared to purchasing normal JR tickets.

I would not use a tour package if you already have JR Pass, as this way you may pay double for transport. Also Japan is very accessible, generally you are fine touring on your own.

For Fuji, there are different ways to visit the Fuji area. For options, have a look at this post.

Hope this helps,

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