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when to buy individual tickets

when to buy individual tickets

We may use a rail pass, but we also may not.
Can I buy tickets and reserve a seat from the United states, or should I wait until we are in Japan. I might prefer to buy before we go to Japan so i all already set, if possible. Where do I buy them in the U.S.- can I buy them using email on line?


Hi there,

There is unfortunately currently no way to purchase JR tickets in english online, so if you want to purchase individual tickets you'll have to wait until you get to Japan, or visit a local Japanese travel agency (who will arrange for a fee).

In general, you can wait until you get to Japan to purchase rail tickets unless you intend to use a sleeper train. For slightly more peace of mind you can purchase all your tickets and make reservations and so on on arrival in Japan at the JR ticket counter - please make sure you have your itinerary printed off to make the process easier for the JR staff member if you do choose this option.

Hope this helps!

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