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what's the best route?

What's the best route?

I will be in Japan July 27th (via Narita) for 8 days and will be getting the 7 day JRPass.

From there I would like to visit (ideally in this order):
July 27 - The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station
July 29 - Kyoto
Osaka (From what I'm told a day trip is sufficient)
Aug 1- Tokyo

I want to leave Tokyo for last leg of my trip so I can be close to Narita airport to fly home.

I know Osaka and Kyoto aren't a problem using the JRPass but seems I cannot use the JRPass to get in and out of Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station.
I want to stay here to be close to experience Mt. Fuji but thinking of maybe staying further out at either Hakone or KAWAGUCHIKO but again, I do not think I can access either places via the JRPass.
And I picked these places so I can see Mt.Fuji and hike on some of their trails but I also don't want to waste too much time transferring between stations and/or bus terminals.

Hoping someone (Daniel San, as he seems to be most active in this forum) can offer me a good way/route to see these places.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Ryan,

Visiting Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station, is mainly done for two reasons. The main reason is climb Fuji itself, the other is to enjoy a good hike around the area. The fastest way to get there would be to take a direct highwaybus from Tokyo. A Time table may be found here. An additional route would be to travel to Kawaguchiko and take a bus from there (takes about 50min). This last option would take a good amount of time, getting from Tokyo - Kawaguchiko alone is a 2 hour trip and then adding this would add to 3 hours at least for a one way trip (this does seem to be the norm though, when traveling closer to Fuji). Unfortunately the JR Pass is not very helpful for travel to the Subaru 5th Station.

An alternative could be to travel to Gotemba with the JR Pass and from there take a bus closer to Fuji, either the Subashiri 5th Station or Gotemba 5th station are reachable by bus from Gotemba. I've not visited them myself, so I can't comment on how they match up to Subaru.

Hope this helps (a little)!

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