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visiting kyoto and osaka for the first time

Visiting Kyoto and Osaka for the first time


we will be visting Kyoto and Osaka for the very first time - 1 day in Osaka and 2 days in Kyoto.
can you kindly recommend how best to spend these days to maximise our time seeing the best of both places?

we will be flying into Osaka from overseas and straight to Kyoto for 3 nights. We thinking of spending 1 day in Osaka and remaining time in Kyoto. Then from Kyoto to Osaka to Narita fly home on New Year's day.
can you please recommend if we should consider pre purchasing a rail travel package?
Thank you very much,


Hi there!

Spending 2 days in 1 day in Osaka sounds like a good idea to me. I would recommend finding an accommodation in the middle of Kyoto to minimize travel.

In Kyoto there are different things you can visit, some of the best attractions include Kyomizu-dera, Kinkakuji and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Also I would recommend walking the streets of Kawaramachi and Going to really get a feel for Kyoto city. There are numerous small shops selling all kinds of things, from traditional wood cutting to the latest fashion.

For your arrival at Kansai Airport, consider buying a Haruka + Icoca package and for travel within Kyoto buy a bus day pass which is just 500yen and covers travel for all over the city. A normal bus ride costs a flat fee of 220 yen so its very easy to make savings.

I hope this helps!

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