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visiting different towns in one day

Visiting different towns in one day


We are planning on leaving Hiroshima early am to arrive at Osaka late evening on same day (Dec29), and on the way to Osaka we would like to make a few stops, such as Fukuyama, Okayama, and Kobe. Is this feasible /reasonable in one day? ...considering we will have the 7day Pass on 1st class.

We will just walk around or take city trains to visit main attractions. We might not have time to tour inside some places, but we would like to see some nice sceneries (i.e. Tomonoura, a picturesque port town at the southern end of Fukuyama City).

Also, considering that winter is starting (Dec29). I don't know how cold it would be for walking outdoors.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

P.S. We will be spending 3 or 4 nights in Nagoya, so during the day we can go back to Kobe if can't covered it on the Dec29. Of course, after we visit Kyoto for a couple of days.


Hello Elsa,

Yes there's certainly enough time to make a visit or two on the way to Hiroshima. Especially since Kobe, Okayama etc. are directly on the route. The JRPass is great for this kind of thing, as stops can be made without additional charge.

It certainly won't be warm but not too cold for sightseeing. Be sure to check the weather forecast though.

Kobe and Nagoya are both within 90 min of travel, so going back later certainly is a possibility.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you, so much, for your answers!


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