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using jr pass and other transport passes or cards

Using JR Pass and other Transport Passes or Cards

I will have a 14 days JR pass and would like to know what other passes or cards for travel would be needed to travel around cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. I have read about several cards such as ICOCA cards, Kyoto sightseeing card, Kyoto bus card and subway card for 1 day. What would you suggest for using public transport in the 3 cities I have mentioned? I am confined to a wheelchair so I also want to know what transport is wheelchair accessible. Cheers Anne


Hi Anne,

It completely depends on where you want to travel within these cities, if a pass is useful.

In general good tickets to look at are:
An IC card, such as Suica/ICOCA. These are an electronic way of payment and are much faster than purchasing normal tickets. They are here to make life convenient but don't offer an additional discount over normal tickets. The Kyoto bus has a one day ticket that costs 500yen for one day, this is a good deal as a normal 1 way ride is 230yen. Most Kyoto buses do have space for a wheelchair on board.

In Tokyo there is a day ticket for the Metro about 750yen for a day. This is a good deal if you use the metro at least 4-5 times on a single day. Most stations have lift access to the platforms.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for Th information. I will buy a Suica/ICOCA card and possibly a Metro ticket in Tokyo as I'm there for 4-5 nights.


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