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use of jr pass for travel tokyo-kyoto-osaka-tokyo

Use of Jr pass for travel Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo

Hi, am planning a trip to Tokyo this June for family of 4 (2adults and 2 kids 4yrs and 2yrs). Flying in and out from Tokyo Haneda airport. From 29th May to 2nd June we will be Travelling together with extended family of 8 other adults. However reading on all the JR pass and names of stations have greatly confused me (a first time traveller to Japan). And so would greatly appreciate some help..

29th May: arrive Tokyo
30th May: Disneyland
31st May: Disney Sea
1st June: Shinjuku
2nd June: Visit Mount Fuji and Hakone
3rd June : leave the group and travel towards Kansai area

3rd June: stay in Kyoto
4th June: leave Kyoto, travel to Osaka
5th June: Osaka
6th June: leave Osaka at noon for Tokyo
7th-8th June: Tokyo

1) Since my family of 4 is Travelling to Kansai area. Wondering if we can get the JR Hakuriku Arch pass to get access to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka and back to Tokyo?
2) if we got the haruriku jr arch pass (7days) can we use it for Shinkansen access to hakone and mt Fuji area
3) in Osaka. Which JR is recommended to stay at (so we don't have to lug our luggages and 2 kids around and transfer to subways). also can we use the same JR pass for access to shinsaibashi and dotonbori areas.
4) will Osaka amazing pass be needed if we already have the JR pass.

Thanks in advance


Hi there,

1 & 2.) I would recommend using a 7 day JR Pass instead, travelling via the Hokuriku Arch adds a lot of extra travel time and this would just be a waste, since you will not make any stop there. Additionally the JR Pass can be used for Shinkansen access to Odwara (Hakone) while the Arch Pass does not.

3.) Consider staying around Osaka station (also known as the Umeda area). Here you have plenty of hotels and easy access to many JR lines.

4.) The Osaka Amazing Pass is a sightseeing pass and provides unlimited access to a selected range of sightseeing places. It can offer great value if you would visit these places without it and can work fine besides the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel, thanks for the replies. Would like to ask :

1) Hokuriku arch pass does allow access to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka from Tokyo? (However a lot of extra time) what do you mean by extra time? How much time difference are we talking about Here? As the cost of this pass is definitely much cheaper than the JR 7days pass.

2) if I do get the hokuriku pass, can I get access to all JR lines in Osaka and Tokyo too? To get around towns?


Also: you recommended staying around Umeda station.
-is this the main station for JR lines to transit from cities to cities? -does it connect other JR lines/subways to get to area like shinsaibashi/dotonbori? As we will want to visit these areas

hot spring places:
-Any recommended Hot spring places we can visit (even as a family of 4) when we are in Osaka? Or are kids not allowed to Hot spring areas?


Hello again!

1.) Yes, it does. What I mean is that you can't use the Tokaido Shinkansen and would have to travel via Kanazawa. This adds around 3 hours of travel each way. Making the return you would lose 6 hours due to added travel times.

2.) Local lines are covered in Osaka/Kyoto.

3.) You can visit anywhere in Osaka from Umeda, alternatively you can stay near Namba. Namba is the centre of south Osaka while Umeda is the centre of north Osaka.

As for hot springs, I don't know any in Osaka but you can take the train down to Shirahama near Wakayama. There are some very nice resorts found around there. Children are allowed in hot springs but they should be cleaned thoroughly before entering and everyone is expected to enter the bath naked.

Hope this helps,

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