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trip review and your suggestion

Trip review and your suggestion

Hello JR, I am travelling in October, arriving & departing from Kanxi Osaka

  1. Arrival 7 pm, have supper in Osaka station, plan to take sleeper train to Tokyo. When is the best time to take sleeper train so I can arrive into Tokyo in the morning?

  2. Day 1 to 4 = 4 days in Tokyo and area. For example Yokohama and?

  3. Day 5 & 6 = 1 or 2 nights in Mt Fuji and Hakone is that too many?

I plan to leave Tokyo early and arrive in Mt Fuji/Hakone to sight see. I can stay one night in Mt Fuji then I can say 3 nights in Takayama and area instead.

  1. Day 7 & 8 = 2 or 3 nights in Takayama and area. Like Kanazawa and leave from Kanazawa to Kyoto, will this work?

  2. Day 9 = 1 night Kyoto

  3. Day 10 – 15 = 5 days in Osaka visit Nara, Kobe and area.

Questions for you

  1. I am flexible for travelling in the central Japan day 5 to 9 can change depends on train schedule? Any suggestions?
    I can shorten my stay in Osaka to 4 days

  2. I am thinking of 7 days JR pass, buy single trip pass and the kanxi thru pass, is this good value compare to 14 day pass?

  3. Other things I should think about ?

Thank you


Hello there,

I am afraid that there is only one over night train from Osaka, which is the Sunrise Express. The problem is that it is often sold out days in advance and you can only make reservations for it once you are in Japan. I would advise staying the night in Osaka and taking an early morning train to Tokyo. Its about 3 hours by Shinkansen and leaving early would leave plenty of time to spend in Tokyo.

Nice day trips to make from Tokyo include, Kamakura, Yokohama, Nikko, Fuji Kawaguchi-ko, and Kawagoe.

Day 5 and 6 look fine to me but be sure to look at transport before hand, getting around Fuji is not the easiest of things.

Now for your questions.
1.) Visiting Kanazawa and Takayama is a great way to spend your time in Japan and this I would not recommending it over something different.

2.) It depends on your final itinerary but starting with a 7 day JR Pass for Osaka - Tokyo - Kanazawa - Takayama - Kyoto/Osaka is a great start. Travel within Kansai does not cost that much, so from there local tickets or perhaps a Kansai Pass would be the best. Alternatively you could add in a visit to Hiroshima and Miyajima and opt for a 14 day JR Pass.

3.) Again, look at transport around Fuji and Hakone. There are a lot of private companies and types of transport here. It can take a bit of time to find the best route. Also consider a Hakone Free Pass if you plan on exploring Hakone a lot.

Hope this helps,

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