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trip for tokyo in december

Trip for Tokyo in December


We have 5 people, all adults planning to go to Tokyo and Mt. Fuji / Fuji-Q theme park and is wondering if JR Pass is a good option for what we want to do. The plan is from Narita airport, we go straight to Mt. Fuji / Fuji-Q theme park for 2 nights then head for Tokyo in which we want to go to various places around Tokyo like the Tower and Ghibli museum, Disneyland, Akihabara, Shibuya, etc. This part will be a total of 4 nights. Then on last day go back to Narita Airport. All up it would be a total of 6 nights or 7 days both those areas combined.



Oh also, There will be another 2 people that will follow this plan, but will stay an extra week on top of this and travel down to Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto then return back to Tokyo for Flight at Narita.


Hi there,

From Tokyo the best way to get to FujiQ is via Otsuki. From Otsuki you will need to use the non-JR Fujikyu line which will cost around ¥1350 each way to get to the Fuji-Q entrance. If you are in Tokyo, then Shinjuku departure is the best and the total journey time including waiting for a connection at Otsuki is around 2 hours. You can learn more about FujiQ at the official site and learn more about how to get there on their access detail page.

In general a 7 ray rail pass will only make sense if you spend over ¥28,300 on JR travel. Lets take a look at the overall JR costs for your 2 types of trip separately as the second group will do a lot more travel than the first:

Group 1 - FujiQ+Tokyo

  1. Narita airport terminal 1 > Otsuki: ¥4800, (194mins, 167km)
  2. Otsuki > Tokyo: ¥1450, (102mins, 87km)
  3. Tokyo > Shibuya: ¥190, (24mins, 13km)
  4. Shibuya > Tokyo: ¥190, (23mins, 13km)
  5. Tokyo > Maihama: ¥210, (15mins, 12km)
  6. Maihama > Tokyo: ¥210, (16mins, 12km)
  7. Tokyo > Akihabara: ¥130, (3mins, 2km)
  8. Akihabara > Tokyo: ¥130, (4mins, 2km)
  9. Tokyo > Shinjuku: ¥130, (4mins, 2km)
  10. Shinjuku > Tokyo: ¥130, (4mins, 2km)
  11. Tokyo > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥3140, (58mins, 79km)

TOTAL: ¥10710 for 11 legs

Group 2 - FujiQ + Kansai + Tokyo

  1. Tokyo > Osaka: ¥13950, (194mins, 556km)
  2. Osaka > Kobe(hyogo): ¥390, (27mins, 33km)
  3. Kobe(hyogo) > Kyoto: ¥1050, (57mins, 75km)
  4. Kyoto > Tokyo: ¥13420, (161mins, 513km)
  5. Tokyo > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥3140, (58mins, 79km)

TOTAL: ¥31950 for 5 legs

07 day rail pass (¥28,300) saving: ¥3650


Group 1 As you can see Group 1 is unlikely to save money with the JR Pass without doing a significant amount of further JR travel. As such I cannot recommend the JR Pass for this group.

Group 2 Group 2 will make good base savings of ¥3650 with the 7 day JR Pass for the second portion of their travel. In addition all further JR travel will be free. Because of these reasons I can recommend the 7 day pass for Group 2. Please note that at ¥45,100 I don't recommend a 14 day pass as the total costs of the Group 1 + Group 2 travel are less than the 14 day pass price, although it may be worthwhile getting 14 day passes if this group intends to do more travel than listed.

You can look up precise train timetables and costs at the Hyperdia travel planning website and learn how to use Hyperdia for JR Pass holders through our video blog.

Hope this helps!

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