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travelling with luggage

Travelling with luggage


I plan on travelling around Japan for a couple of weeks (Tokyo to Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto) and was wondering what limitations there is for travelling on the JR network with a suitcase?


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Generally brining a suitcase does not bring too much hassle. Within Shinkansen you can place a suitcase behind the last row of seats and local trains are not really a problem either, unless it is very busy during rush hour.

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As far as remember, you might struggle with a large suite case on shinkansen because there is no allocated space for large suite case. you can find and see some images on Google images (keywords, shinkansen & suitecase.

However, it should be ok with small suitecase and even large backpack because those normally fit on overhead storage space.

One thing which woth trying is that you stay at same hotel in Tokyo (i assume you start your journey in Tokyo) then ask your hotel to keep your large suitcase for you. Your hotel might keep it for you. ( but you need another bag to take your stuff for your journey in Japan though.).

I hope it help you to get some ideas.


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