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travelling in nagoya

Travelling in Nagoya

I have 2 days in Nagoya.

First day -- I will be arriving in Nagoya Airport in the morning. Making my way to Nagoya Station via the Meitetsu Railway uSky. Thereafter i will be taking a Meitetsu bus to Nabana no Sato for the Winter Illumination.
Does anyone know ... For this First day, is there a Meitetsu Day pass that i can buy that covers the train ride from the airport to Nagoya station as well as the direct bus to Nabana Sato?

2nd day - I will be buying the Day pass to travel on the Meguru sightseeing bus to go to several places eg. Nagoya Castle, Toyota Commemorative Museum, Science Museum etc etc.



Hi there!

I am not sure if there's even a Meitetsu pass. However don't worry too much about it, travel between the Airport - Nagoya is not very expansive. You could purchase an IC card to make your travel more easy. The one mostly used around Nagoya is Manaca.

Have a good trip!

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