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travelling from masumoto to tokyo

Travelling from Masumoto to Tokyo

I've purchased a 7 day rail pass already, which I'll activate on 9 August and start travelling. By the evening of Sunday 16th, I'll be at Masumoto, and wish to travel to Hakone via Nagiso the next day.

Monday 17 August
There is a train leaving Masumoto to Nagiso, at 07.04 - is this the only train until 14.53 that stops in Nagiso? I will walk in the Kiso valley and get back on the train to go onto Nagoya leaving at 15.55, arriving at 17.01.
The next train leaving Nagoya appears to be at 20.34, is this correct? I would lrefer to travel on sooner than this if possible.
I would like to get off at Odawara, and tavel onto Hakone to stay in Hakone that evening. Is this possible?

Tuesday 18 August
If I have had to spend the night at Odawara, I will want to travel to Hakkone in the morning, and go on to Tokyo (possibly Shinagawa) in the evening. What time will I need to leave Hakkone to return to Odawara, to connect to the Shinkasen to Shinagawa or Tokyo, or take another local train ?

How do I find out the cost of these two days of transport? I will also need to purchase a ticket from Shinagawa to Narita airport on Wednesday 19 August.

Is it better value for me to purchase another 7 day rail pass? I am leaving the UK on Tuesday 21 July, so an early response would be most helpful.
Thank you
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Hi Scout leader,

You can assume that departure times found trough are correct. There are multiple trains between both places as seen HERE. There also is a train connection from Nagiso - Nagoya at least once every hour. So you can leave earlier.

Travel from Odawara - Tokyo takes about 36min by Shinkansen or 90 minutes by local train. So you can leave quite late if you wish. Hyperdia can also help you find ticket prices. More can be found here.

Given the amount of travel, I don't think a 7 day JR Pass would help you make savings.

Hope you find this useful!

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Daniel-san, I haven't used hyperdia yet, just been using the paper copy supplied with the pass, I'll get logged on now - thank you very much for the speedy response!
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