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traveling with large bags on japan rail

Traveling with Large Bags on Japan Rail

Hello all - I will be in Japan for 14 days and figure I'll have to travel with at least one large suitcase, a small backpack and probably some shopping bags (shopping!). Is there a place to store large pieces of luggage on the train. I've read about services that transport one's luggage from door to door. Does anyone have any specific feedback on that? Thanks


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The official guidelines for luggage are:
You may bring up to two pieces of baggage on board free of charge. For each bag the total of the length, width and height must not exceed 250 centimeters, the length must not exceed two meters and the weight must be no more than 30 kilograms. Small dogs, cats, pigeons and similar small animals may be brought on board for a fee as long as they are kept in a carrying case that is no more than 70 centimeters long and has a total length, width and height of no more than around 90 centimeters.

In general this is not strictly enforced as you may see on the Airport. However luggage may be refused if it inconveniences other passengers.

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Completing information:
The luggage delivery service is widely used in Japan. We made a plan and dispatched to the next hotel. The front desk staff can help. Costs of Kyoto to Tokyo 1800 Yen, a suitcase average 20 kg.


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