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traveling in november

Traveling in November


I am planning my 1st trip to Japan this coming year in November. Below is my itinerary for the time being:

  • land in Haneda airport and stay in tokyo for a couple of nights
  • visit mt fuji & hakone area and spend a night
  • head to kyoto for a couple of nights
  • back to tokoyo

I am planning a 2 week trip. I believe it's more than enough time. I am looking into buying a Japanese Rail pass 14-day use.

If I purchase the JR pass, will any of those routes be excluded? What are the best routes to take given my itinerary above?

Preferably, if possible, I like to travel as comfortable and easiest as possible ( such as hoping on the train line directly to the destination needed).


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers most of your travel, however you may still require additional tickets around Fuji and Hakone, as most transport in that area is run by other companies. Also see this page about visiting Fuji.

The Hakone Shinkansen station is named Odawara. From there you can use the Shinkansen to Tokyo and Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for responding.

Is it cheaper to buy a metro pass and reloading the card every time I use it? Especially if going to such places as Kyoto,etc?

If I am flying into Haneda airport, does the JR Pass work as well as arriving to Tokyo and other cities throughout?


Using a Suica or other IC card to travel around is a very convenient way of travelling locally.

The JR Pass covers travel from Haneda Airport to Tokyo (using the Tokyo Monorail).

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