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traveling in japan with children

Traveling in Japan with children

Hi everyone.
We are going to Japan in the middle of november for 17 days.
We have been traveling a lot with our children (one is 5 the other is 8 months), but never to Japan.
We kick of out trip with 7 days in Okinawa. After that we fly to Osaka and have 10 days to spend before flying out of Tokyo.
Our initial idea is to take the train to Hiroshima and spend one night there to see the sites from WWII. Then take the train back to Kyoto and spend around two nights there. After that we would like to see Matsumoto and Mt. Fuji before we head to Tokyo.
My question is:
Do we miss anything in that trip, that would be worth trading for one of the other things?
Is it better to head directly to Tokyo from Kyoto and then take day trips to Matsumoto (crow castle) and Mt. Fuji?
All suggestions are welcome, as we are new to Japan...


Hello Simon,

When you think about it, answering question like: What are the best things to visit? Did I miss anything? and so on, are hard to answer. We all have our own preferences of what we find worth visiting, secondly, Japan is so Big, you can't see everything.

That said, I think you have a great basis for a first time trip to Japan. Most people don't see Okinawa at all. If you are interested in history, then I recommend a visit to Nagasaki too. It is the sole point in Japan that had contact with the west for over 400 years, in addition to an even longer contract with China, and you can find much of it around the city. However it is not really on the route, so you would have to change plans.

I think visiting Matsumoto is best done coming from Kyoto. This makes most sense when it comes to routing and the trip is nice to make too. Visiting Fuji from Matsumoto however could be hard, as much of the tourist places are on the other side of Fuji. One option is to visit to Kofu area, an other is to take a ltd. Express train from Matsumoto ot Otsuki station and use the Fujikyu line from there to Kawaguchiko.

Hope this helps,

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