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Appreciate your help on this, It's my first time travelling to Japan . I will be In Japan From Sept 9- Sept 18, Initially I want to go to Tokyo -Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo . As I will be arriving around 5 pm, so I decided to stay 1 night in Tokyo , then the following day go to OSAka, however I feel there is so little Time. and seeing the Train maps , I'm getting Dizzy hahaha. is it feasible to go and explore these 3 places with so limited time? Or will it be better to go kyoto and Tokyo ? Please also help me which trains to take If heading from Tokyo (planning to stay around Shinjuku) to Kyoto? i plan to buy 7 day rail pass, will it cover all fare going there? Hope you can suggest good itinerary for a 8-9 days visit :)

Thanks for the help.



Hello Maria,

Doing Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo and maybe even a day trip somewhere works perfectly fine for a 9 day period. The JR Pass also is a great help as it covers travel between all of the above places and you just need one tickets for all your travels.

We also have a 7 day example itinerary that you may like and looks very much like the plans you have, with a visit to Nara added in.

As for trains you can use the Bullet trains directly from Tokyo station to Kyoto and Shin-Osaka stations. There are local services connecting Shinjuku directly to Tokyo station.

In terms of days, you could do something like.
Arrival 1st day and night in Tokyo.
Day 2 Osaka
Day 3 Osaka
Day 4 Kyoto
Day 5 Kyoto
Day 6 Kyoto/Nara
Day 7 Tokyo
Day 8 Tokyo
Day 9 Back home!

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,
thanks for the help. I have decided not to go to Osaka , I can go next year :) . but i will look the itinerary you have suggested.

  1. FRom Tokyo which trains to take if I want to go to fuji 5 lakes and see the Chureito Pagoda . I will stay for one day . can you recommend me good accommodation near it?
  2. From fuji 5 lakes which trains to take to go to KYOTO?

are all the fares for JR pass covered in the trip?

Thanks for the help.



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