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travel to jap in dec

travel to Jap in Dec

Hi there,

I am planning to visit Jap in Dec. First stop is Osaka then to Miyajima, takachiho and Matsuyama. Here is the plan.

Day 1: Osaka to miyajima
Day 2: Miyajima to Hiroshima
Day 3: Hiroshima to kumamoto to takachiho
Day 4: Takachiho
Day 5: Takachiho to Matsuyama via (Beppu? Oita? Usuki? not sure which stop is easier).
Day 6: Matsuyama
Day 7: Matsuyama to Osaka

I am not sure which train/express/ferry to catch, station name etc? it would be lovely if you could enlighten me :)

Many Thanks.



Hi Lau,

Travel in Japan is pretty easy, the station names are mostly the same as the place names, such as Osaka, Hiroshima, Kumamoto etc. For Miyajima, you take the train to Miyajimaguchi and the ferry from there. As for Takachiho [have a look at this access guide. The JR Pass will also bring you to all of these places.

Also if you want to learn on how to find exact routes, I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia.

Hope this helps,

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