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I have been given an air ticket to Tokyo, but found out my slightly disabled very good friend is in Osaka. I only have 3 days. Should I take JR train to Osaka or is there something better halfway? Will it be easy for her to travel (vestibular/balance/hearing/dizziness)? Most importantly, if I use the JR pass, which one should I get and does it benefit me to get the 7 day pass event though I'm only there for 3 days? Thank you very much for your answer (:


You don't give any info on the rest of your itinerary. But going Tokyo-Osaka-Tokyo almost pays for the pass, so a side trip thrown in would put you over the top. You could for example take a day trip to Nikko north of Tokyo, or near Osaka there is Himeji. Or, if your time in Japan is short, going to/from Narita airport using the Pass would do the trick too.
The best places to see though are in Kyoto and Nara.
If you really want to get some good value, try taking a day trip or doing an overnight in Hiroshima/Miyajima.
As far as your friend goes, the bullet train is quite smooth, and there are no air pressure issues like flying.

Good luck.


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