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travel from yudanaka to nikko

Travel from Yudanaka to Nikko


I'm visiting Japan in late January. I'm planning to do a day trip from Tokyo to Nagano onwards to Yudanaka. I'm wondering if I could feasibly continue the day trip on to Nikko and go back to Tokyo from Nikko. I realise it will be a tight schedule. However, I'd like to know what the train options are. Thanks.


Hi there!

It depends on how much time you have. It is nearly 5 hours from Yudanaka - Nikko by train so it may be too much to do in a single day. It would be better if you could visit Nikko as a single day trip from Tokyo, an other option would be to spend the night and Nikko and return the following morning.

Here is an example itinarary for you from Yudanaka to Nikko.

Hope this helps!

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