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transports with luggages

Transports with luggages


My husband and I we'll be in Tokyo in July 2015. At first, starting July 5th, we'll be staying in an hotel in Asakusa, for 3 nights days. After that, we plan to take the Ginza line to go to Shibuya station at around 13h00-14h00. Will we be okay if travelling in the subway with our two luggages at that hour?

In Shibuya, we're planning to stay in an appartment three nights, then leave Tokyo on July 11th (a saturday) at around 9h00-9h30 AM to get on the Yamanote line, using our JR pass, going from Shibuya station to to Tokyo station so we can catch the Hokuriku shinkansen (Kagayaki 509), leaving at 10h32 AM for Kanazawa. Will we be okay if travelling in the Yamanote with our luggages at that hour, or should we skip that plan and stay instead in Ginza (or as near to Tokyo station as possible)?

Thank you so much for your answers : they are sooo appreciated!


Hello Nathalie :)

13-14:00 is outside of rush hour and won't be a problem to travel then. Even during rushour you can take your suitcase on the metro but it simply is not nice for you and other passengers.

The same applies on the Yamanote line, it's definately going to be more busy at 9 in the morning but you can keep your luggage with you. You may have to stand though, as seats will surely be taken.

Hope this helps and happy travels,

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