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transferring at jr otsuki station

transferring at JR Otsuki Station

Is it possible to transfer from JR Chuo line to Fuji Kyuko Line at Otsuki station with an elderly person who has difficulty with stairs? I know that some trains stop at platform #3 which allows you to transfer without going on the overpass. Do you know what trains stop at #3 platform?


Hi there!

In cases like this Wikipedia is your friend. I looked up the station and platform 3 is used for the Chuo line in both directions (I guess it depends on the time). Remember that you can always ask the JR Staff for assistance if you require aid traversing the station stairs.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you Daniel. I did notice that most (but not all) trains running from Shinjuku to Kofu and Matsumoto stop at platform 3 and that some stop at platform 3 going the other way. I was hoping that there was a little more detail or consistency on what train stops so that I can adjust our schedule to match. We've been to Kawaguchiko (Kozantei Ubuya) a couple of times before and we love it there. It's just getting harder for my 90 year old father to climb stairs.


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