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transfering trains

Transfering trains

Hi JRPass community!

I just have a quick question in regards to transfering trains... I feel like it's a bit of a silly question, but I'm going to ask it anyway just to be sure!!

Me and my travelling party are going to be travelling from Hamamatsucho to Kawaguchiko... And we will be doing it WITHOUT a JR Pass- crazy, I know.. we do have a JR Pass but we aren't validating it until the next day (It just works out better that way for our trip, and getting to Mt Fuji from Tokyo, doesn't seem too expensive.).

On Hyperdia it says we will need to transfer trains twice, once at Kanda (Transfer to Chuo line), and again at Shinjuku (Transfer from track. 12, to track 10 to catch the Ltd. Exp. Super Azusa).....

When I purchase my ticket at Hamamatsucho do I tell the ticket person that I am wanting to take this particular route? Or do I just need to tell them my destination of Kawaguchiko? Do I need to pay extra when transfering between the two stations, or do I just make my way to the next train and jump on?

I'm really sorry for the silly sounding question... I'm just really confused about how to go changing trains, because there's so many ways to get to my actual destination from Hamamatsucho!! So confused!

I hope someone can help!

Hi Erica!

Traveling without the JR Pass!? How outrages!
Joking aside, let me give you a run down of the route.

I'd suggest using local trains all the way to Otsuki, this the most budgetary way and takes about the same amount of time as traveling via Shinjuku and taking an express train from there to Otsuki.

First use a local train from Hamamatsucho - Kawaguchiko, the Yamanote line is perfect for this as you can just sit down and wait for it to arrive at Kanda station. Here transfer to the JR Chuo line to Takao station where there's one more transfer which will get you to Otsuki. Note that all local trains in Japan don't have reserved seats, you just buy a ticket (¥1,620 for Otsuki) at a ticket machine and hop on.

At Otsuki you will use ticket gates to transfer from the JR Part in the station to the Fujikyu part, you can buy a ticket for the Fujikyu line directly at the ticket desk besides the ticket gate. It's pretty easy but this website gives you all the details for the transfer.

Here's an example route in Hyperdia.

Hope this helps!

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Coming to my rescue every time Daniel! Thank you so much!

So when I get to Kanda station I don't need to go and buy another ticket or anything to take the JR Chuo line to Takao station? I just need to transfer stations and hop on the next train?

It just gets all so confusing when you have to hop onto different trains and I'm starting to get anxious about it! Don't want to be pulled up and for not buying the right ticket!! YIKES!

Thanks so much for your help Daniel!!

Hi Again!

You just need one ticket as long as you travel on the JR, this is pretty much a general rule. You only purchase an other ticket of you transfer between train companies/transport methods.

Don't worry about train travel btw! It all speaks for it self once you use it a couple of times. There's always JR Staff around who can help you if something does not work out.

So don't worry and enjoy the ride!

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