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trains during golden week

Trains during Golden Week


I've posted before about an upcoming trip to Japan and have since booked everything (accommodation / bought a japan rail pass etc).

However I was just a bit concerned about travelling during Golden Week. We will be in Japan from April 25th - May 13th. Unfortunately this is the only time we could go and while we have time either side of the official golden week days, we will be doing some travel during this week.

As we come from the UK and wont be able to book trains until we arrive on the 25th April. My question is how busy will it be during this period (lots of websites seem to suggest it is either REALLY bad or not as bad as people say!) and if booking when we arrive will be ok.

Train journeys we will be making:

Sunday May 1st: Tokyo - Osaka
Tuesday May 3rd: Osaka-Kobe-Osaka (Day trip)
Wednesday 4th: Osaka - Mt Koya
Thursday 5th: Mt Koya - Kyoto

Many thanks!


Hi there,

Golden Week is busy but its certainly not the end of the world. Buying/reserving your tickets on 2-3 days in advance will make sure that you have seats on the days during travel. Especially the weekends are busy, so it's best to minimize travel on those days. So make the reservations for at least Sunday when you arrive in Japan.

Looking at your itinerary and the amount of time you have to make the reservations, I don't think that you'll find any trouble getting tickets.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the advice!

Will try to reserve as soon as we get there.



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