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Would you please advise the best rail pass/ticket option for travelling: Tokyo to Kyoto (spending 3 nights in Kyoto). I’ve then booked a 7 day walking tour and will need to travel day 1 from Kyoto to Kii Tanabe and on day 7 from Kii-Katsuura to Osaka (Itami) airport.
I have looked at options : the Nozomi bullet train Tokyo to Kyoto costing approx AUD160 o/w. There is a JR Kansai Wide 5 day pass approx AUD100 - but there is a limit to one per person. The approximate cost of a one way trip Kyoto to Kii-Tanabe is AUD55 and the one way trip Kii-Katsuura to Itami airport is AUD80.

Is there a rail pass that would cover the above travel?


Hi there,

I would just buy normal tickets for this route, there is no pass that matches your itinerary and would help you make good savings.

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The limit of one purchase per person of the Kansai Wide Area Pass is if you buy it in Japan. If you buy it outside Japan there is no such limit, although you cannot have their validity periods overlap when you validate them.

However, unless you add more travel to each, as you have already noted in the one way fare to Kii-Tanabe, neither would pay off for just a one way trip.

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