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HI Daniel,
I know that Japan Rail pass is not worthwhile if we travel one way from Tokyo to Osaka. But, how come some answers were different in that you said it is worth it to buy the pass? Is it because of the number of days?
This is our itinerary.
In july, we will fly into Tokyo . Stay at hilton Tokyo for 2 nights, go to Hakone for 2 nights, then Osaka for 5 nights staying in Hilton Osaka. From Osaka, we plan to take day trip to Kyoto for 2 days and maybe 1 day to Nara.
Do you suggest buying the pass then in this case? Or is it cheaper to buy individual train tickets as needed? We want to buy reserved seats if possible.
I look up Hyperdia website and got confused. What is base fare and seat fee? Is seat fee for reserved?
Thank you



Hello Detty,

It does indeed depend on the distance traveled and the period of days traveled whether the JR Pass is useful. In general this can be reached very quickly, just a return Tokyo - Osaka will quickly pay of and that's generally only 2 days of travel.

In your case I would advise normal tickets as you travel one way Tokyo - Osaka using the Shinkansen. Travel within Tokyo and the Kansai area is all low cost and a JR Pass is better used when traveling longer distances. If you would for instance add a visit to Hiroshima, then a JR Pass would be perfect.

In Hyperdia just look at the total, this is the price you will for a ticket. The price is made up of the fare (price for the distance traveled) and seatfee (extra charge for high speed trains).

Hope this helps,

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