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train transfer at nagoya

Train transfer at Nagoya

I would like to book train tickets for my family in advance. We will be travelling from Takayama to Tokyo.
When I check the route on HyperDia, I notice we would have 10 minutes to get off the train from Takayama (track 1) and get onto the train for Tokyo (track 15).
Is this enough time considering we don't know the station. I don't want to reserve seats then miss the connecting train.
Thank you.


Hello there,

Yes 10 minutes is plenty of time to make the transfer. You'll be transferring to the Shinkansen (bullet trains). That means that you will have to pass through the Shinkansen gate. To get here, simply follow the signs with Shinkansen at the station and you can't go wrong. From there, simply go to the right track number.

Hope this helps,

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