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tour japan oct 21 thru oct 31

Tour Japan Oct 21 thru Oct 31

I am planning to travel Japan as follows:

Oct 21/22 Tokyo
Oct 23 - Fly to Kagoshima track back to Hiroshima on Oct 27 evening.
Oct 27 - Ultimate location Matsumoto. Should I make a stop at Nagoya or nearest point to Matsumoto
Oct 28 - Oct 30 Kamichoichi
Oct 30 To Matsumoto to Shinjuku or )
Oct 31 Matsumoto to Narita (flight 545pm) ) using JR Pass - enough time?

I am trying to maximize time at Kamicoichi.

Your advice please.


Hi there,

I see you have a couple of questions regarding your travels,

From Hiroshima - Matsumoto, you could go on straight to Matsumoto if you wish, or make a stay over at Nagoya. Both are fine but I understand if you would spread the travel over a couple of days and see some of Nagoya.

You have enough time to travel from Matsumoto - Narita Airport if your flight leaves at 545pm. Travel time does take around 4-5 hours, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Enjoy Kamikochi and Japan!

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