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tokyo w. kids

Tokyo w. kids

We're visiting Tokyo (7days) and Kyoto (2days) in April. Our family includes 3 kids of 9/9/5 years age.

We'd be grateful for tips about interesting sights for kids. These could also include some "must-see" or unique shops for kids ( toys etc. ) or restaurants. We're aware of Disneyland and Ueno zoo. Other than that we don't know much. Our youngest one is extremely interested in trains ( Shinkansen to Kyoto ), the older ones ( twins ) like technical things, Lego ( the boy ) and the girl likes animals.


Hi there!

Here's a great blog with all kinds of things to do in Tokyo. It has a lot of great tips and places to go.

Between Tokyo and Kyoto you could make a stop at Nagoya (directly on the route) and make a stop at the Japan Railway Museum. They have all kinds of Shinkansen on display and you can also see the new Maglev train which is still in development.

Also the Tokyo Science Museum is great for kids (but also for adults).

Hope this gives you some ideas,

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