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tokyo - nikko....or??

Tokyo - Nikko....Or??

Hi there,

When I’m staying in Japan I’m going to Buy a 14 days pass. I stay 7 days in Tokyo and I have a question.
I wanna visit Nikko (national park) this is easy to do from Tokyo.

But does anyone know a better (more beautiful) place to visit? (nature)
Because the rest of the trip is bigger city’s (Kyoto, Osaka Hiroshima)

If someone knows a great place (with reasonable travel time from Tokyo) please let me know.



Hi there!

If you're in Tokyo then I can recommend the following for you for nature:

  1. Mt Takao for hiking and a lovely mountain within 1hr of Shinjuku
  2. Yamadera for hiking and wonderful mountainside temple system about 3 hours from Tokyo (bullet to Sendai, and then local trains to Yamadera).

Hope this helps!

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Hi there,

Just to add to Mari's recommendations:

Nikko is great for day trip! It is about 2 Hours by train from Tokyo. With the JR-Pass you can ride the Bullet train from Ueno (in Tokyo) to Utsonomiya and from there take the local train to Nikko.

An other great trip is to the Fuji Five Lakes. Many people visit this area for a couple of days but it is great for a day trip too. You can walk around the lakes, see some of the forest temples and enjoy the beautiful sight of Fuji. You can go there either by bus or train. The only downside is that it is not covered by the JR-Pass.

Enjoy your travels.

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Thanks for the fast reply!

Fuji was already one of the things i wanna visit. I thought it was covered by jr pass (most of the trip)

About Takoa and Yamadera i will look it up. Because in total i stay 9 days in tokyo so i have some room for day trips.

If some one has an idea i love to hear it! Thanks agian.


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